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Friday, October 30, 2009

Letter from Catherine Latham (1919)

     In the "Minutes of the Fifty-Sixth Annual Session of the Salem Missionary Baptist Association," held the weekend of 02 Oct 1919, a letter Catherine A. (Goodson) Latham, to the Association is printed. She wished to bid them farewell since she had been confined to bed for several months and was in poor health. The Minutes refer to Sister C. A. Latham and Elder O. H. Latham as esteemed members who spent their lives as faithful servants in the ministry within the bounds of Salem Association. 
A Letter was received by the Association from Sister C. A. Latham, wife of Elder O. H. Latham, now deceased, which was read by Bros. W. A. S. Jinkins, and on motion Bro. W. A. S. Jenkins was appointed to write a letter of greeting and that a copy be spread on the minutes of this Association, and also one be sent to Sister Latham. Letter and answer as follows:
Dear Brethren and Sisters in Christ:
     I feel impressed by the Holy Spirit to write you a few lines. It has been four years since I met with you at Cornett. It has been my lot to be an invalid for three years. I have been in bed for four months. It is for my good, for "all things work together for good to them that love God." I know that I love Him and that He loves me, for He has been so merciful and kind to me. 
     Brothers and sisters, I ask you all in God's great name to be faithful and true to God and His great cause, for there are so many things to lead people away from God. Pray for me that I may bear my affliction with patience. He is going to say some sweet day after awhile "that's enough, come up higher." That is all and all to me to know this.
     Farewell brothers and sisters. If I never meet you any more in this world all be good and meet me in Heaven. 
                                                                                      Your Sister in Christ, 
                                                                                          MRS. C. A. LATHAM.
     The above letter was received by the Association from Sister C. A. Latham, surviving widow of Elder O. H. Latham, deceased, who passed to his reward several years ago after a life spent in the ministry within the bounds of Salem Association. 
     Sister Latham has always been esteemed by members of this Association who knew her as a zealous and faithful christian mother and worker in the Master's cause, which made her letter appreciated the more by this body. On motion Bros. W. A. S. Jenkins was appointed to draft a reply to this highly appreciated letter, who reported the following:
     Resolved, that this Association as a body feels deeply the interest shown by her letter and her prayers. That it extends to Sister Latham its deepest sympathy in her afflictions and commends her to Him who is above all and over all; who hath said that I will be with you in the sixth trouble and in the seventh I will not forsake thee. 
     That special prayer be offered in her behalf.
     And be it further resolved, that a copy of her letter and this resolution be spread upon the minutes of this Association and a copy be furnished Sister Latham. 
                                                                                       Respectfully submitted, 
                                                                                                 W. A. S. JENKINS.
  • "Minutes of the Fifty-Sixth Annual Session of the Salem Missionary Baptist Association held with the Cross Roads Baptist Church Six Miles Northeast of Hughes Springs, Texas. October 2, 3, and 4, 1919." Booklet. Atlanta, Texas: The Citizen Journal Press. 1919 p 4

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