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We all have a story to tell. Some speak louder than others. Listen closely to hear the stories of our ancestors echoing under our footsteps. They are the authors. We are the keepers.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: MH Warren Family, Port Arthur, TX (c1905)

Murray Heller Warren Family, Port Arthur, Texas, c1905. Photograph in "Grandmother Remembers" scrapebook compiled by Lois Jaqueline (Judson) Wells. Privately held by Herstoryan, Houston, Texas. 2010


  1. Interesting picture. I wonder what was happening to their right, as 3 of the 5 are distracted, where as Lois and her brother are looking directly at the photographer.

    Port Arthur -- the people that I know from Port Arthur are in the oil and tanker business. What about in 1905? Your pictures always bring out the questions in me---

  2. Nice! When I saw your tweet I HAD to follow it, it made me jump, my husband is also an MH Warren, so was his father. But they originate in KY

  3. Thye all have a different expressions on their face, although three of them are looking to their right. This picture is very historice, preserve and share with future generations

  4. Love the picture... as always. You have some real goodies! I also want to know what they are looking at:-).

  5. I always love your pictures! This one is certainly very interesting. As the wife of a professional photographer, I always wonder what was going on BEHIND the camera. Alas, we will never know.

  6. Great photograph! I'm with the other commentors in wondering what was going on that we can't see. I'm also looking at the body language. Sometimes in photos you can see a head inclined toward or a hand resting on another person. Murry Jr.'s head is just barely inclined toward his sister. Murry Sr. seems to have drawn himself slightly away from everyone else. It would be interesting to know more about individual relationships in this family. Lois is really quite beautiful, isn't she?