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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - Nani nani boo boo, you can't find me!

A Graveyard Visit. Photograph in Helen Julia (Hogue) Judson's Family Album, 1903-1907. Privately held by Herstoryan, Houston, Texas. 2009 [inherited from Lois Jacqueline (Judson) Wells, through her father William Levis Judson son of Helen Julia (Hogue) Judson of Dayton, Ohio]

How taunting! I can see they are at a cemetery and the headstone is before my eyes, but I have NO idea whose it is! The clues are there. I have been provoked....

People pictured: Lewis Raymond Judson, Ethel Kirk Judson, and Margaret Judson Wilson.

Date: c. 1907

Locations featured in the album: Toledo, Ohio; Dayton, Ohio; Cumberland, Maryland; Duluth, Minnesota; and Kinney, Minnesota.

Photographer: Could be Helen Julia (Hogue) Judson, owner of the album and mother of Lewis Raymond and Margaret Judson Wilson - or Helen's husband, Lewis James Judson.


Lewis James Judson's parents: Oliver and Susan (Raymond) Judson
Helen Julia (Hogue) Judson's parents: Lindsey and Nancy (Taylor) Hogue
Child of Lewis and Helen: Charles or Helen "Nellie"
Sibling of Lewis or Helen: listed below
Great grandparents: Of Lewis James Judson - unknown; Of Helen (Hogue) Judson - Hogue side unknown,  Margaret (Amyx) Taylor (no match), Mark Taylor (no match). 
Someone from Ethel Kirk Judson's family (wife of Lewis Raymond Judson). I don't think Helen would have put it in her family album if it had been from Ethel's side of the family.
Cousins and great aunts and uncles: that'll be the next step...

My theories: 

  • The headstone does not belong to Susan (Raymond) Judson, Lindsey Hogue, or Nancy (Taylor) Hogue. Oliver is buried in NY and his headstone is posted at Find a Grave. I do not think it is a match; the angle of the curve does not match in my opinion. Though they could have visited his grave on their way to Maryland from Ohio, I do not believe it is a match. 
  • I do not think it is a child of Lewis and Helen. Lewis and Helen are buried next to Charles and Nellie at Woodland Cemetery in Dayton Ohio. It is very hilly and their headstones are all flush with the ground. 
  • Is it a sibling of Lewis James Judson? He had 4 known siblings: Frank Henry Judson, buried at Woodland Cemetery; Mary Elizabeth (Judson) Cox, buried Fairfield Cemetery, Fairborn, OH; Lucy Jane (Judson) Martin, buried Woodland Cemetery; and George A. Judson, buried at Cox Cemetery behind the gates of the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.
    • It could be the headstone of George A. Judson. He died at the age of 3 from a putrid sore throat. Here is a link to some old photos of the cemetery. I submitted a request at Find a Grave so that should be fun to see what happens. 
  • Is it a sibling of Helen Julia (Hogue) Judson? She had 9 known siblings. Of those 5 siblings were still known to be living in 1907: John Hogue (sheriff); Margaret (Hogue) Mason; Virginia (Hogue) Dunn; Johanna (Hogue) Eden; Henrietta (Hogue) Richards. I do not have any information for the other 4 siblings: Mary A. (Hogue) Wright;  Martha (Hogue) [Dunn?]; William Hogue; James Hogue. Could it be one of their headstones?

So here are our candidates:

1. George A. Judson
2. Mary A. (Hogue) Wright
3. Martha (Hogue) [Dunn?]
4. William Hogue
5. James Hogue
6. Unknown parents of Lindsey Hogue
7. Unknown parents of Oliver Judson
8. Unknown parents of Susan Raymond
    If you land on my blog and know the whereabouts of any of these people please leave a comment. I would love to be able to someday solve this mystery!


    1. Where is one of those science-fictiony tools they have on TV that can read the smallest detail in a fuzzy picture when you need one?

    2. LOL, seriously! You should have seen me on my photo editing software. I zoomed in, changed the color, played with the contrast, blinked twice, and prayed - but still nothing. Crazy!