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We all have a story to tell. Some speak louder than others. Listen closely to hear the stories of our ancestors echoing under our footsteps. They are the authors. We are the keepers.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

My Favorite Things: Genealogy Gift Ideas 2009

Genealogy Gift Ideas

1. Ancestor Calendar 

  • Calyptic Creations allows you to add up to 150 custom dates. My husband surprised me with one a few years back that includes all my ancestors' birthdays and anniversaries. Calyptic Creations saves your project to your account so it is easy to update photos and order a new calendar each year!

2. Mug with Genealogy Blog Logo 

    3. Digitally Restored Photo of an Ancestor or other Family Member 

    4. Ancestor Photo Bracelet 

    • I love this simple, chic photo bracelet from Snapfish

    5. Photo Family Tree 

    6. Archival Sleeves and Boxes

    • Is it tacky to say that I drool over the Archival Methods website? Some people dream of building their dream home, I dream of building a room in my dream home filled with archival boxes, binders, and indexes! 

    7. Framed Historic Document 

    • Census image from; Copy of a Land Patent from a State Archive; Page of a City Directory; Passport Application; Marriage Bond; scanned Family Bible. 

    8. Cotton Gloves

    9. Decorative Family Tree 

    • Handpainted and heirloom quality, the artistic interpretations at Grill Your Granny are my absolute favorite! This is the one I have.

    10. Maps, Maps, Maps

    • Did your ancestors live on top of a mountain, or near a river? Find the landmark at the United States Geological Survey. Search for a city, county, or state map close to a specific time period at Historic Map Works. Become a member and you can zoom in on their maps online - great research tool! Don't forget the wonderful map collection at the Library of Congress. Ever wonder how your ancestors got from point A to point B? Check out their Railroad Maps collection from 1828-1900. 

    11. Ancestor Photo Ornament

    • Create your own heirloom ornament with Shutterfly. Pewter ornaments are my #1 choice. Glass ornaments have a tendency to break around my house!

    12. Handwritten Recipe Cards Filled with Family Recipes

    • I have found beautiful recipe cards at local Hallmark, Hobby Lobby, Target, and Walmart stores. There are also Free Printable Recipe Cards on the web. 

    13. Seasonal Flower Service and Maintenance for Ancestor's Graves

    • Gravescape "makes it easy for you to honor the memory of loved ones, even when you’re unable to visit their gravesites."

    14. Photobook 

    • Use MyPublisher to showcase all those scanned family photos. 

    15. Family Tree Necklace

    • Personalize a family tree pendant from Limoges Jewelry. I wear mine almost everyday. I love it!

    ~Happy Holidays


    1. Wow! These are amazing finds - how did you do this? I have to redo my list to Santa now!

    2. LOL, unfortunately this list shows what a huge genealogy nerd I am! Most of the items are either things I have acquired over the years or are on my endless wish list! I am SO glad you like it - my husband just smiles and adoringly rolls his eyes. I am so happy to have found my genea-bloggin' friends cuz y'all can understand how exciting this stuff can be! ;)

    3. Hey, thanks, this is a great list of things I'd like to get for... um... you know... somebody...

    4. Several of these have just gone straight to my "must have" list.

    5. Way cool!!! Thanks for the tips!

    6. After reading a recent post by the marvelous Caroline over at Family Stories, I thought I might add a Disclosure Statement for this blog post :)

      This is a list of my favorite things. Unfortunately, I will not be getting any monies if you click on these links (unless you purchase my Herstoryan mug, then I get a commission).

      I loved putting this list together and hope you enjoy looking at my favorite things too!