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Monday, January 11, 2010

Judson Family Album (c1903-1910), Cover

Cover of Helen Julia (Hogue) Judson's Family Album, 1903-1910. Privately held by Herstoryan, Houston, Texas. 2009 [inherited from Lois Jacqueline (Judson) Wells, through her father William Levis Judson son of Helen Julia (Hogue) Judson of Dayton and Toledo, Ohio]

I am the keeper of a most wonderful treasure. This family heirloom was entrusted to me by my grandfather after my grandmother passed away; I was fourteen years old. I am so thankful that he was able to look past my age to see the special desire growing inside my heart that had been planted so tenderly by my grandmother. That decision changed my life. 

For years the family files stayed closed, stored in boxes in my closet. Every now and then late at night I would peek through them like a child stumbling upon a hidden Christmas present - photos, albums, documents, certificates, travel books, ledgers, newspaper clippings, address books, dried flowers, eye glasses, gloves, and scrolls of hand-drawn family trees. I fell in love. 

This is the first of three albums I would like to share with everyone. Several of the photos are labeled. Most of the photos are of lateral lines - siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It is my hope that these images find their way to their descendants. A treasure such as this must be shared. Below I have listed members of the Judson/Hogue family. Those shown in bold are confirmed people in the album. The others listed are good candidates for those photos of unknowns. I have all the pieces I just need help putting it together!

There are 109 scanned pages plus the front and back covers. One post a week would take two years to post the entire album so stay tuned....

Locations include: Dayton, Ohio; Toledo, Ohio; Cumberland, Maryland; Kinney, Minnesota; Duluth, Minnesota; Lake Superior; the Harbor at Marquette, Michigan; and Mackinac, Michigan.

(1) Oliver Judson + Susan Raymond
-----(2) Lewis James Judson + Helen Julia Hogue
----------(3) Bertha J. Judson + William Reid
---------------(4) Judson E. Reid
---------------(4) Helen Reid + Unknown Hackman
----------(3) Charles Raymond Judson died age 3
----------(3) Helen "Nellie" Judson died age 19 months
----------(3) Margaret Louise Judson + Bruce Carter Wilson
---------------(4) Helen Wilson
----------(3) Lewis Raymond Judson + Ethel Kirk
---------------(4) Dorothy J. Judson + Burke
----------(3) William Levis Judson + Lois Elderkin Warren
---------------(4) William Warren Judson
---------------(4) James Judson died age 1
---------------(4) Lewis Frederick Judson
---------------(4) Phyllis Alois Judson + McKinney
---------------(4) Lois Jaqueline Judson + Horace Vaughn Wells
-----(2) Lucy Jane Judson + David Miller Martin
----------(3) George Malcolm Martin + Margaret B.
---------------(4) Dorothy P. Martin + George G. Brown
---------------(4) Burton Martin
----------(3) Harry Judson Martin + Clara B.
---------------(4) Edwin Martin
----------(3) Bessie May Martin + Herbert Kable Hawker
----------(3) Dorothy B. Martin
-----(2) Mary Elizabeth Judson + William Cox
----------(3) Charles Cox died age 1
----------(3) Oliver W. Cox + Mary C. Shellenbarger
----------(3) Harriet Cox died age 1
-----(2) Francis "Frank" Henry Judson
-----(2) George Judson died age 3

(1) Lindsey Hogue + Nancy Susan Taylor
-----(2) Helen Julia Hogue + Lewis James Judson
----------(3) Listed Above
-----(2) John Hogue + Marie Marsh
-----(2) Margaret Hogue + Andrew Mason
-----(2) Mary A. Hogue + James Wright
----------(3) William Wright
-----(2) Virginia Hogue + Unknown Dunn (?)
-----(2) Martha Hogue + Silas Dunn (?)
-----(2) Johanna Hogue + James Eden
-----(2) William R. Hogue + Maria L
----------(3) Hellen J "Nellie" Hogue
----------(3) Marie M Hogue
----------(3) Lottie L Hogue
-----(2) James Hogue + Fannie
-----(2) Henrietta "Nettie" D. Hogue + James William Richards
----------(3) Morris E. Richards + Sarah
---------------(4) Morris E. Richards
---------------(4) John C. Richards
---------------(4) Helen Richards
---------------(4) Elizabeth Richards
----------(3) Grace E. Richards + Ralph J. Davis

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