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We all have a story to tell. Some speak louder than others. Listen closely to hear the stories of our ancestors echoing under our footsteps. They are the authors. We are the keepers.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Society Friends, Mexico (c1907-1914)

Society Friends of the Murray Heller Warren Family. Photograph. c1907-1914, Mexico. Privately held by Herstoryan, Houston, Texas. 2010 [Possible locations: Tampico, Vera Cruz, Mexico City. M. H. Warren worked for the Waters-Pierce Oil Company]

Handwriting on back reads:

Seated left to right - Miss West; Isabel Voorhuse, the Ambassador's niece; Conchita Sepulveda; two seated in back don't know their names; Miss Garcia, daughter of Mexican Ambassador to Cuba; Hortense Nixon.

Standing left to right - Marjorie Douglass; Dorothy Kenyon; Frances Molar; don't remember next two; Miss Casey; that is Lois Warren in back, the one you can't see very well; the next three are the Fortuna sisters; don't know the last girl.

Lois Warren is my great grandmother. She married William Levis Judson. 


  1. This is a gorgeous photograph. I especially love the ladies holding the little bouquets and all the gentleman quietly standing in the background.

  2. I love all those hats! The lady seated in the front center looks like she's being weighed down by hers.

  3. What a lovely picture. I've been staring at it for a few minutes, just looking at the fashions and hats. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a positively charming photograph! I love the ladies' dresses and hats.

    Do you know if there's a way to make photographs open in a new window? I kept wanting to move the photo so I could read your post to see who was who. (Not like I knew any of them, of course!) Being able to move the photo isn't something I ever thought about before....

    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Nancy from My Ancestors and Me

  5. Nancy, I realized that is kinda tricky after I tried to do that too! If you have a Mac use Control+Click and then select "Open link in a new window." If you have a PC, try right clicking and see if there is a similar option. You could also copy the address of the photo and open a new tab and paste in the url. Glad you like it! :)

  6. Oh, thanks for the suggestions. I knew about right clicking to copy an address but hadn't thought about it for a blog photo. I'll try it. I'm enjoying your blog.