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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

From the Shoebox: Judson-Warren Wedding Artifacts

William Levis Judson-Lois Elderkin Warren, Wedding Invitation, 01 Dec 1914; privately held by Herstoryan, Houston, Texas. 2009 
  • This is the article published in the Society section of the Fort Worth Record newspaper Dec 2, 1914 highlighting the marriage of Willam Levis Judson to Lois Elderkin Warren.
One of the most beautiful weddings that has ever taken place in the Westbrook was that of Miss Lois Elderkin Warren and Mr. William Levis Judson, which was solemnized Tuesday evening at 6 o'clock. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Warren [Murray Heller Warren] of Mexico City and a former student of the university here. During the time that Mr. Warren and his family resided here Miss Warren won a host of friends through her charming personality and beautiful character. Mr. Judson is a prominent young business man of Tampico, Mexico, being in the oil business there. He is formerly of Toledo, Ohio.
The mezzanine floor of the Westbrook was a beautiful array of yellow and green, these being the colors carried out in the decorations and wedding gowns of the bridal party. In the rose room the table which held the heart-shaped wedding cake was surrounded by a mass of ferns, and the cake was in a bed of maiden hair ferns, yellow chrysanthemums and jonquils, making a floral mound in the center of the room. In the corners were large growing ferns and palms, and the small table bore a cut glass vase of chrysanthemums and ferns. On the long serving boards, covered in white were dainty sprays of maiden hair fern.
Unually attractive and artistic were the parlors of the place of ceremony and reception. The pillars of the mezzanine floor were draped in smilax, intermingled with wall baskets of chrysanthemums, and the lights on them were tied with large bows of white tulle. Concealing the reception suite from the view of the lobby were immense palms and ferns on the balcony rails. The archway underwhich the ceremony was performed, was an elaborate one of greenery and chrysanthemums. The entire ceiling was hidden in smilax, and the doors were intwined with smilax and sprays of fern. In the background of this beautiful spot a mass of greenery of palms, over which were sprigs of smilax, and on each side of the altar were backets of yellow chrysanthemums. The bride and groom knelt on pillows of white satin, which were placed on the white carpeted platform. The effect of the temporary altar was beautiful.
As Mr. Wood played Lohengrin's wedding march the groom and his best man, Mr. Ben Allen of Fort Worth, entered from the right of the altar, then passed in front and awaited the bride and her party. Then, from the left, came Miss Marie Van Zandt of Mexico City, who was maid of honor. She was followed by the flower girl, little Miss Josephine Berryman, a neice of the bride, scattering rose petals for her to tread upon. The bride entered on the arm of her father, Mr. M. H. Warren. They were followed by Mrs. A. H. Berryman [Mrs. O.H.  Berryman (Blanche Warren)] and Mrs. M. H. Warren Jr. [Mary Temple Mentz] sisters of the bride, who entered together. Then the mother of the groom, Mrs. L. J. Judson [Lewis James Judson (Helen Julia Hogue)] of Toledo, Ohio and the mother of the bride, Mrs. M. H. Warren [Ida Lois Elderkin] entered together, and the ladies of the party stood at each side of the temporary aisle, while the maid of honor and the father of the bride stood at the left of the altar, and the best man and little flower girl at the right, during the ceremony.
The marriage vows were very impressive, with Rev. Dr. B. B. Ramage of St. Andrew's parish performing the double ring ceremony.
The bride wore an elaborate wedding gown of white duchess satin with court train, lined with maline. It was of Greek design, with draperies from the shoulders, on which were bands of pearls. In the bodice, the neck and long sleeves were of tulle, and at the waist line was an ornament of pearls. At the back of the bodice was a flat bow of satin. The bottom of the skirt was of silk tulle, on which were rows of pearls. Her veil was of silk tulle, worn cap fashion, draped over the face and shoulders, with a string of pearls at the front, and caught with orange blossoms. She carried a bouquet of bride roses and lillies of the valley. Her only ornament was a bar of pearls and diamonds, the gift of the groom.
Mrs. A. H. Berryman was gowned in orange taffeta, with an overdress of net embroidered in silver. The bodice was a basque effect of blue velvet which formed the girdle, reaching to the neck of blue tulle. The draperies were of black net and trimmings of pearls. She wore a hair ornament of blue tulle and aigrettes.
Mrs. M. H. Warren Jr. wore a handsome gown of salmon pink charmeuse with girdle of pink satin. The bodice was draped in real lace over the shoulders and girdle. In her hair she wore a band of brillants.
Miss Marie Van Zandt, maid of honor, was attired in a gorgeous creation of delicate green. The foundation was of rich satin, with overdraperies of silver lace. She carried an immense bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums tied with tulle. Her hair ornament was a bird of paradise.
Mrs. M. H. Warren, mother of the bride, wore a beautiful gown of imported silver gray chiffon of Enterlocken embroidery. The bodice was of lace with a wide girdle of crepe meteor. She wore an aigrette in her hair. Mrs. L. J. Judson, mother of the groom, was attired in an elaborate gown of black charmeuse with overdress of real lace, en train. A black paradise bird was her hair ornament and at the girdle of her gown she wore a crimson rose.
Little Miss Josephine Berryman, the flower girl, was dressed in a beautiful French frock of embroidery, with trimmings of white satin rosettes at the waist and neck, and her hair was tied with a butterfly bow of white ribbon. She wore a crescent pin of blue enamel and chip diamonds.
After the ceremony a reception was held in the beautifully decorated reception suite and a four-course luncheon was served to the guests. The bride cut the wedding cake, which also was served. During the reception, Mr. Wood played a number of piano selections.
Immediantly after the reception, Mr. and Mrs. Judson left for Chicago, Boston, New York, and other eastern points. After December 15 they will be at home in Tampico, Mexico where Mr. Judson is a prominent business man in oil concerns.
The bride's going away suit was of velvet trimmed in mink fur and jet. She carried a mink muff and her hat was of velvet, with monkey fur and bird of paradise.
"Judson-Warren." (Fort Worth, Texas) Fort Worth Record, Wednesday Morning 02 Dec 1914, Society Column. 

St. Andrew's Parish to William Levis Judson and Lois Elderkin Warren, Form of Solemnization of Matrimony, 01 Dec 1914; original, family copy, Herstoryan's Family Archives; privately held by Herstoryan, Houston, Texas. 2009 [Ceremony took place at Hotel Westbrook, Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas]

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