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Monday, November 23, 2009

From the Shoebox: Minutes of the Salem Missionary Baptist Association: Part One

Minutes of the Fifty-Sixth Annual Session of the Salem Missionary Baptist Association held with the Cross Roads Baptist Church Six Miles Northeast of Hughes Springs, Texas. October 2, 3, and 4, 1919." Booklet. Atlanta, Texas: The Citizen Journal Press. 1919 

This booklet is part of a collection of family artifacts handed down to me after my grandparents passed away. It is filled with names of people living in the area surrounding Hughes Springs in 1919. It is my hope someone will find their ancestor's name in my transcription. There are 20 pages in the booklet. This post shows pages one and two. 

- OF THE -
- OF THE -
Six miles Northeast of Hughes Springs, Texas
OCTOBER 2, 3, AND 4, 1919
Moderator - J. A. CARAWAY, Daingerfield, Texas
Clerk - H. F. PERSER, Avinger, Texas
Treasurer - G. K. WILLIAMS, Hughes Springs, Texas
The next meeting of this body will be with the Oak Ridge Baptist Church, at Marietta, Texas, on the J. & N. W. R. R., beginning on Thursday before the first Sunday in October, 1920. 
- 1 -
 Cross Roads Church, October 2. 1919.
     The 56th annual session of the Salem Missionary Baptist Association convened with Cross Roads Baptist church at 11:00 o'clock. Moderator and Clerk both present.
     House called to order by singing "How Firm a Foundation," and prayer by Bro. J. H. Smith. Song, "Revive Us Again," and again prayer by Bro. G. K. Williams. Song, "What a Friend."
     Bros. A.R. Anderson and M. M. Sheets appointees to preach the Introductory Sermon. Both being absent, Bro. J. A. Caraway was appointed to preach the Introductory Sermon. Text, Theme of Missions.
     After listening to a very intersting and soul stirring sermon motion prevailed to adjourn one and one-half hours for dinner.
     Benediction by Bros. A. J. Finley.
Afternoon Session
     House called to order by Moderator. Song, "Take the Name of Jesus With You." Scripture lesson 2nd chapter Phil. and prayer by Bros. James A. Shaddix, after which the

- 2 -

Association was now declared ready for business.
     Called for the letters from the different churches and appointment of Bros. J. A. Caraway, C. C. Smith and W. A. S. Jenkins to read same. After reading the letters we find the following delegates entitled to seat to aid and assist in the work of the Association.
     Hughes Springs Church - Rev. A. C. Wood, Rev. James A. Shaddix, Rev. John A. Shaddix, Rev. G. K. Williams, Bros. W. A. Calloway, C. C. Smith, F. N. Brian, Mrs. F. N. Brian, Mrs. Maggie Shaddix.
     Union Hill Church - Bros. H. H. Perser, Horace Boon, O. L. Cates, Sisters Bertha Duck, Mabel Williams, Lizzie Whittington and Licena Perser.
     Cross Roads Church - Revs. M. H. Finley, J. A. Abernathy and J. S. Caldwell, Bros. H. P. Mason and J. F. Joyner.
     Floyd Hill Church - Bros. J. A. Fitts, Aaron Fitts, J. E. McKibben, Sisters Lelia Daniels, Geraldine Daniels and Minnie Wesbrooks.
     Friendship Church - Bros. Fletcher Jones, M. B. Watson, M. F. Naron, Sisters Mae Jones and Ina Gibson.
     Daingerfield Church - Rev J. A. Caraway, W. A. S. Jenkins, J. H. Smith, J. F. Moon, J. L. Truitt, Sisters D. J. Jenkins, A. S. Kilpatrick, W. A. Traylor and Bro. C. F. Bolin.
     Dalton Church - Bros. W. J. Hicks, J. H. Smith, W. C. Pounds, J. R. Waters and W. J. Jarrett.
     Cornett Church - Bros. T. C. Lyster, W. T. Blankenship, G. F. Lee, E. C. Rodgers and L. L. Lee.
     Avinger Church - H. F. Perser, and wife, W. B. Duncan and wife, J. M. Pierce, Arthur Pierce, and Sister W. H. Griffith.
     Bethel Church - Bros. S. L. Fuller, W. Castner, J. A. Penny, Sisters Willie Penny, Lula Sheffield and Esther Penny.
     Bear Creek Church - T. C. Glover and wife, C. D. Davis, R. M. Miller, C. E. Clark and W. E. Hill and wife.
     Pleasant Grove Church (at Lassater) - Bros. C. M. Chambers, J. P. Davis, Velmer Antle, V. H. Dodd, C. J. Simmons, C. L. Henderson.
     Prewitt's Lake Church - Bros. L. H. Foster, L. S. Biddie, Will Hill and A. R. Anderson.
     Flat Creek Church - Bros. J. H. Davenport, C. M. Doss, W. D. Tindol, L. A. Myers and R. L. Jordan.

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  1. This past summer, I received (actually, I ordered and purchased) copies of a bundle of miscellaneous information relating to Dane Co. WI, the area in which my McPherson gggrandparents lived for the last 50 or so years of their lives. Much of it relates to other families and will be a good thing to put out in cyberspace. Thanks for reminding me to be generous with my research.