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We all have a story to tell. Some speak louder than others. Listen closely to hear the stories of our ancestors echoing under our footsteps. They are the authors. We are the keepers.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday: William Eugene Tyler (1928)

Gene and Juanita Tyler, Newlyweds. Photograph. c 1950, Claude, Armstrong County, Texas. Privately held by Herstoryan, Houston, Texas. 2009

Happy Birthday, Papa! We sure do miss you...

William Eugene Tyler was born 11 Nov 1928 to Elisha Washington and Lillie Mae (Cross) Tyler. He was the baby of 13 children. The "Watt" Family lived in a small farmhouse near the Goodnight Ranch in Claude, Texas. Gene married Nita on 09 Sept 1950 at the age of 21. Their marriage stood as an example to all who knew them of enduring commitment, selflessness, and love. They celebrated 56 years of marriage before his passing 09 Apr 2007. Their home was always filled with family and friends. The door was always open and the food was always enough to feed an army. Which isn't surprising given the fact Papa was an  Army Cook stationed in El Paso, Texas in the 50's. At home he was always up in the kitchen or out on the deck manning the grill. When eating commenced he would always exclaim, "Mmmm, DEE-lightful," and sweep his hand in the air with his thumb and index finger pinched in a circle. There is so much to say about this wonderful man, but I will leave you for now with one thought - one saying that summarizes his philosophy on life that he said over and over. "Don't worry about it everything will work out..."

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