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Sunday, February 7, 2010

SNGF: Super Bowl of Genealogy

Thank you to the great Randy Seaver author of Genea-Musings for posting another spectacular Saturday Night Genealogy Fun mission!

So, your mission, if you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible theme), is to:
1) Tell us about your dream game of the Super Bowl of Genealogy? 

Welcome to ESGN: the Worldwide leader in Genealogy, dedicated to producing fully cited research reports 24 hours a day. Next up - HistoryCenter! Let's see what Herstoryan has to say about the upcoming Super Bowl of Genealogy!

Da...da...da! Da...da...da! THIS is HistoryCenter! Tomorrow's match-up between the Geneabloggers and the Snooty Patooties is going to be absolutley phenomenal! I've got to be honest here, everyone's favorite is the powerhouse Geneabloggers team. Here's the lineup:

This is a true DREAM TEAM of professionals! The Snooty Patooties better watch out! 

There's no need to even go into the other team's lineup; they know who they are. They are known to hang out at local libraries and genealogy societies. They have a reputation of shutting out anyone who doesn't fit their archaic stereotype of what they think a family historian should be. Snooty Patooties are known to discriminate against age, race, and technology. There is no way they will ever win against the Geneabloggers, but never fear when another one bites the dust the Geneabloggers will be sure to record it accurately!

**Please Note: My argument is against Snootie Patooties not Genealogy Societies. Genealogy Societies are extremely important and I respect each and every person that so selflessly gives their time and talents to a GREAT endeavor!**

Special thanks to: (1) Wikipedia for clueing me in to what positions make up a football team; (2) my husband for all those years watching Sportscenter - I can still hear it ringing in my ears; (3) my sister for the word "patootie" which she has very graciously taught all three of my children. Thanks, sis, you wouldn't believe how funny a four year old thinks that word is in the middle of a grocery store! :)


  1. LOL! Thanks for picking me for your team!


  2. This is awesome! Thanks for including me on the team!! I'm honored!

  3. You are always so creative! Thanks for including me on the team... Have a super Superbowl Sunday.

  4. What a great way to begin Super Bowl Sunday. We are snowed in and not going anywhere soon! Thanks for starting my day with a smile!
    Theresa of Tangled Trees

  5. Yay Geneabloggers! Boo Snooty Patooties! Thank you for including me on the team! Now I'd better go brush up on the playbook.

  6. Honored to be on the winning Geneabloggers team. Those Snooty Patooties won't know what hit them ;-)

  7. OUTSTANDING! I'm very honored to have been drafted on your team! I love it ~ "...are known to discriminate against age, race, and technology." So true, unfortunately.


  8. Nice job, you are an awesome recruiter! I'm happy to play for the Geneabloggers any day!

    Team Geneabloggers!!

  9. Great job on this SNGF! I too am very honored to have been selected on your team!

    Sara (@InnerCompass)

  10. Greta,
    What fun! I am ready to play with this lineup any day, any time. Go team!

  11. While I love the idea of such a team (and being quarterback yet!) I don't necessarily agree with the characterization of members of local genealogy societies. I think that this manner of drawing scrimmage lines and mischaracterization of them is the behavior we as connected genealogists often accuse them of.

    I also don't like the ageist concept of waiting for them to "die off" - I think that our role as connected genealogists is to assist the members of local genealogical socieites and to help them adopt various 21st century technologies.

  12. Okay, I really, really have to weigh in here. (I slept on it so I am not as angry as I was when I read this several times last night.) Many, many GeneaBloggers have strong ties to genealogical societies - we volunteer, we sit on their boards – some of us even blog for them. We embrace technology and I can't even believe you are throwing down the race card.

    In an effort to go positive, I invite you, and everyone, to participate in the new Carnival of Genealogical Societies. Look for the Call for Submissions today (for the March 7 deadline) on the California Genealogical Society and Library blog.

  13. Kathryn thank you SO much for bringing this up! I welcome all opinions and it gives me a chance to explain a little bit more. First I am SO sorry my post made you feel anger, especially before you went to sleep. :(

    I was trying to write something humorous. I LOVE local genealogy societies!!! They are extremely important and I honor and support everyone that gives their time to such a great cause! I in NO WAY meant to refer that everyone in local libraries or societies were Snootie Patooties.

    I have actually been a board member of my local society and have volunteered my time. Unfortunately I have had many experiences over the years where I was excluded, belittled etc. because of my age. I have also seen first hand prejudice against race. I was only trying to say that those people are out there and that "I" wasn't going to let them get me down. The writing challenge was a "dream," make believe meetup and just as in pro wrestling or Saturday Night Live the piece was over dramatic with the purpose of humor.

    I do very much appreciate your comment and I never meant to hurt anyone's feelings. I follow your wonderful blog and look forward to continued conversation in the future! Hope you have a good day! :)

  14. Thomas,

    I read my post to my husband this morning and he heard what you heard in the "another one bites the dust" play on words. Oh I hope not everyone that reads it reads it that way. Of course I did not mean to invoke an image of death in reality! I was trying to tie in the popular song that is played at sporting events and invoking the sportsman theme of "winning and loosing" in the meaning of "biting the dust." I can totally see how it can be taken in another way.

    You said, "I think that our role as connected genealogists is to assist the members of local genealogical socieites and to help them adopt various 21st century technologies." I completely agree! My argument is against the Snootie Patooties not the Genealogy Societies.

    Snootie Patooties are found everywhere - schools, churches, businesses, etc. When we come across someone who acts against us with prejudice it affects us. It also provides a great opportunity to initiate change. My first reaction was to back down and run and hide. However, what good would that do? We all have so much to offer each other.

    Very important - I did not mean to infer that ALL people in Genealogy Societies are Snootie Patooties that doesn't even make sense. That would be considered prejudice on my part. The make believe game was teaming the Geneabloggers against the Snootie Patooties not the genealogy societies.

    Thank you for discussing it with me. I hope that I was able to clarify my feelings a bit better. I do think you would be a great quarterback, Tom! :)

  15. This is so cool. Very creative! What a great team you have assembled; I am honored to be a part of it. Thanks for picking me!


  16. After posting my comment, I went back and read the other comments. Come on people!! The exercise was all about FUN!! Get a grip!! Thanks Herstoryan. Your intent WAS clear, and should not have been twisted into something it was not.


  17. Just adding my comments. I loved your originality and the great genealogy dream team you chose. I also didn't take any offense at your additional comments. I'm very active in my local genealogical society and, like you, I know how important these societies are to our community. But, hey, I've also met some Snootie Patooties along the way.
    Don't let negative comments get you down; humor is a wonderful form of commentary:)

  18. We've got spirit, yes we do! We've got spirit, how 'bout YOU! (I always wanted to be a cheerleader - can you tell?)

    Thanks for letting me add a little CHEER to your dream team! :-)

  19. Herstoryan, thanks for picking and including me in your SNGF! Very creative and fun!

  20. The Super Bowl of Genealogy had me laughing out loud!!! I am continuously amazed by your creativity and brilliance in expressing the written word! I loved reading all the positive comments from everyone who enjoyed the light-hearted assignment.

    Herstoryan's love of genealogy began at age 16. I have seen her encounter some Snooty Patooties along the way. She was banned from a genealogy library because she was the mother of a four year old who was with her and children were not allowed. I have seen her shunned by a genealogy society because she did not fit in with the age group. I have seen her ridiculed by family members who thought she should be out living the life of a twenty year old instead of visiting cemeteries. I have seen her fight and defend her passion which makes her who she is today.

    Herstoryan has found a world through her blog which connects her to people who share her passion. I look forward with anticipation to every future post!

    ~ Her very proud MOM

  21. Herstoryan,

    Thanks for including me on your team! I am with you, and proud to be. As others, I appreciate all the good work being done by many at the local level, but... I am not young, but I have also seen (and been affected by) quite a number of individuals who exhibited the behaviors (very sad, I think) you accurately used to describe the "Snootie Patooties" - even in fun and in jest. It is a very real, existing phenomena that should not be ignored and we need not, should not act as if it does not exist (again, not related to only young or old - it is a behavior pattern, not bad people).
    Thank you for your post. The discussion has also been very healthy. Thanks for that, as well. ;-)

  22. Ha Ha. Thanks so much for including me on your team. It was so much fun reading this.

  23. Herstoryan, thanks so much for including me on your team. I'm beyond honored.

    I appreciate your sense of humor in presenting this team and also the interesting discussion afterward. I think I run into some of those Snootie Patooties at the archives library I sometimes visit.... Rah, rah, rah for Geneabloggers!

  24. The story of my life! I never get picked for the team!!!! LOL... This is a great post though -- really fun!


  25. Renate, Hello! You ARE on the team - you're a Geneablogger! ;) The people listed are just the starting line up (I think I'm using that term correctly, meaning the players on the field - but don't hold me to it I don't know sports too well). It is so nice to "meet" you! I see that we are both newbie bloggers - you started Jul 09; I started Sept 09. I love finding new blogs to follow. I really look forward to reading your posts! I'm glad you had fun reading mine.

  26. Hello everyone - I've had limited connectivity while on vacation - just wanted to say I love when posts initiate great dialog and discussion.

    I don't think anyone's intent was to hurt feelings and as I've said before - communicating via blog posts, comments, email, tweets etc. can sometimes fall short since they can't possibly include all the nonverbals and the inflection that takes place when the conversation is live and in 3D

    I think we all have some good posts coming out of this topic!

  27. Awww, shucks... (blushing X2). Well, I happen to know that good things can also come from "the bench", so thanks for reminding me of that! :)
    Nice to "meet" you, also, and thanks for your very kinds comments on my blog!


  28. I think that everyone's response is somewhat dictated by that particular person's own very personal experience. I didn't take offense to Herstoryan's post because I've experienced the prejudice she talked about. I also have a sarcastic sense of humor, and her post appealed to it. If you've experienced the snootiness that certain clubs have due to some of its members, then I think that her post wouldn't have offended you. If you've never experienced it, then I can see how it might be taken wrong.

    After reading it the first time, I did not once think that she was actually putting down the societies themselves, but those individuals in them who tend to resist change for whatever reason. It can be really discouraging when at every turn someone is making you feel uncomfortable and unwelcome, which happens more often than not. Consider yourself very lucky if you've never experienced this at a genealogical society, historical society, library, or anywhere for that matter. Just because you haven't experienced it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. While there are societies that are "waking" up to technology, the majority are not in the state of Texas, which is where Herstoryan is located. How do I know this? I'm in Texas, too. In fact, we're neighbors. However, Texas is not the only state with societies behind the times as far as technology is concerned, but since we're located in Texas and a lot of our research is done here, that's what concerns us the most. So this post is a much-needed kick in the butt for these organizations. One might even call it an impetus for change.

    While we, as authors, have a responsibility to consider our audience while writing, we, as readers, have a responsibility to consider our author while reading. Many books by many authors [prominent ones, mind you] have been wrongly accused of prejudice and other "crimes" because those reading them did not consider the context within which the book was written.

    History cannot be accurately read and studied without understanding the context of the time period. Books in general cannot be accurately read and studied without understanding the context that they are written in, and neither can blog posts. If one is confounded by a blog author's post, especially by one whose blog you read on a regular basis and you've not had an issue with any other posts, then it is logical to stop and look at what was written from a different point of view. Are there any words that were used that were ambiguous? Did you, as the reader, assign a certain meaning to a word or phrase that maybe another meaning could be assigned? Did you miss a word or phrase that could possibly change the overall meaning of the post? If what you've read is not consistent with what the author's other posts have conveyed, then read it again with "different eyes." It's not any different than trying to solve a genealogical problem. Those reading blogs should extend the author[s] the courtesy of trying to understand. Isn't that what you'd want them to do with what you've written?

    Family Stories

  29. It's also a wonderful representation of our diverse genea-community, so cleverly highlighting our respective strengths!

    My 2 cents -- I've read the comments & can honestly say I didn't read anything but humor (and quick wit) in your post. At the end of the day, I never set out to offend anyone via my blog (I don't dig wounding people) however, I also embrace the fact it's my blog & I can post what.

    We all have sensitivities & at some point, we are bound to prick & be pricked, it's par for the course.

    I applaud the diplomacy you've shown in this instance HS, as the Honorary Poker in question! Well done!:-)


  30. What an awesome team! And I'm not just sayin' that as a cheerleader, either! :o) Thanks for including me!!!

  31. I have always wanted to be "special." And special teams, WOW! Oh, do they get the big bucks?

    Thank you for the game time. It was a blast!


  32. What a great team - thanks for the post and my inclusion as a heavy hitter. If you only knew... heavy, I mean!

    I loved the humor - which is what I was hoping for when I posted the SNGF idea. There were several great fun posts by creative people. We need to have a little fun among all the serious work that we genea-bloggers and all researchers are doing in the genealogy world.

    One of the really neat things about genea-blogging is that the GB demographic is much younger than the traditional genealogy world of lineage societies, national societies, local societies, etc. that skew agewise to the retired demographic.

    I'm still nursing my pulled muscle, but looking forward to next year's Super Bowl SNGF. Any ideas for a challenge?

  33. Herstoryan,
    Thanks so much for the clarification. I love the humor as well but I know I was not alone in my initial interpretation and wanted to be clear about what I was reading. I am "known to hang out in local libraries and genealogy societies" so I wasn't sure which team I was on! As Thomas says, great discussion. Societies do need to reach out to younger genealogists - we know they are out there and we haven't been doing a good job at meeting the needs of all age groups. It shouldn't be a surprise that there might be some "communication breakdown" across the generations. Thanks for being a great voice for yours. I look forward to reading more.

  34. Ok...I posted (and erased) a comment hoping as a Professional Genealogist, (making my living, and a good one might I add), that I was eligible for the Dream Team. As a personified nerd and genealogy geek I strive to follow genealogy principles and yet have vowed not to snub fellow genealogists.
    But...this posts did not warrant apologies. It was fun even for those of us cheering from the benches. I do however, like the discussion. It reminds me to "look on the bright side of life," before seeing the negative.(Did you see the life of Brian? Rhetorical not really wanting an opinion of just as controversial movie as this blog could be made into).
    And I, too, can say I've been a direct victim of race discrimination (I'm not that young) at at least one National Convention. (Insulting racial comment based on stereotype...ick!)But I still go to conferences. (Motto: a conference, one woman does not make).
    Awareness is also good...and we all probably know at least one Genealogy Snooty Patooty.
    Let it be known however, if I am that one, you have permission to slap me!

  35. What a great piece. Loved all the comments as well. Very nice to know that I'm included on your team as a Geneablogger. There are so many Snooty Patooties in my area and for many years, I've had to deal with them. I just hope they see this blog, the problem is, many professionals who fit in that category don't blog! Thank you all for sharing your thoughts.

  36. Sorry I missed this earlier, I guess I was watching the actual Superbowl, as I do many football games.

    As a GeneaBlogger, I am honored to be included on your team. As a human genealogical society treasurer, I guess I might be considered a "Patootie". But as an outsider looking in throughout junior high and high school, I know Snooty, and know I am not!

    To the real questions:

    1. How can we promote understanding and use of technology among those researchers who do not use technology?

    2. How can we promote understand and use of traditional research techniques among those of do not use them?

    Thanks for raising the roof, clear helps everyone. I will be thinking that over, I can make a post or two about this, maybe even a book!