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We all have a story to tell. Some speak louder than others. Listen closely to hear the stories of our ancestors echoing under our footsteps. They are the authors. We are the keepers.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Barro Riding at Mineral Wells (c1905)

Barro Riding at Mineral Wells. Mineral Wells, Texas. Photograph. c1905. Privately held by Herstoryan, Houston, Texas. 2010 [Pictured second from the left is Lois Warren (Judson) with her mother Ida Lois (Elderkin) Warren next to her; others unknown.]


  1. Have I ever told you how much I genea-envy your image collection?!:-)

  2. Nice photo colletion, this photo is very historic

  3. Nice collection, this is a historic picture

  4. How uncomfortable would it have been to ride in a dress. I guess it's a good thing they wore many layers! UGH! Thanks for sharing this great picture.