Monday, November 30, 2009

Quick Thought: Nine Generations, Average Maternal Age - 18.6

I was surprised to have recently found the grave of my 5th great grandmother. She is buried in Texas where I live. So I did some math. That is 185 years, 9 generations of Texans. When you take the average of all the mothers' ages at the time of the next generation's birth, the average age is 18.6 - that is pretty interesting...

Caroline E. Felker b. 12 Oct 1824                 Age at child's birth: 17
Texana C. (Felker) Clark b. 7 Feb 1842        Age at child's birth: 20
Willie M. (Clark) Blanton Brown b. 1862     Age at child's birth: 18/20
Ora Alberta (Blanton) Perkins b. 1880/2       Age at child's birth: 20/18
Ola Mae (Perkins) Hogan b. 10 Sept 1900    Age at child's birth: 15 (yes, this is correct)
Generation Male
Generation Male
Living Female                                                Age at 1st child's birth: 22

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  1. Interesting thought --- I have pencil and genealogy chart in hand ...